Posts for July 2017

12-13 October: QUT Action Research Master Class

This is a two-day workshop that will integrate the concepts, processes and practical skills of action research. It will also provide participants with opportunities to practice some of the processes. Action research is a research approach that enables outcomes of research (learning, understanding) and change (improvement) to be achieved….

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PhD Scholarships in Design Robotics

QUT Design Lab is offering two new PhD scholarships as part of the Design Robotics IMCRC project. Robotic technology has been successfully used in repetitive manufacturing by large enterprises for decades. The opportunity for future advanced manufacturing is to use robotic vision systems and software user interfaces to reduce the…

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21 July: Teaching Digital Technologies through Design

QUT School of Teacher Education and Leadership will be hosting a Pedagogy Exchange on 21st July 2017. QUT Design Lab’s Natalie Wright and Dr Nick Kelly from SEF and Education will be presenting a workshop on ‘Teaching Digital Technologies through Design’with Dana Holden from Kedron State High School. The Digital Technologies learning…

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