20 August: Robotronica

QUT Design Lab researchers will be part of Robotronica when it returns to QUT’s Gardens Point Precinct on 20 August 2017 to reveal the most up to date advancements and innovations in the fields of robotics and interactive design. Design Lab’s Dr Jared Donovan will be part of a multidisciplinary team creating an interactive robot/dance/musical production about backing up life on Earth in case of a global catastrophe.

This all-day, all-ages free event will have QUT abuzz with demonstrations, workshops, games and discussions that will inform, inspire and amaze you.

Program highlights include:

  • Find out from US world-leading roboticist Professor Ron Arkin about sneaky robots that trick you. What are the moral and ethical implications?
  • Take a selfie and chat with social robot, Pepper
  • Be the first to program a robot at Code-A-Bot, The Cube’s latest screen project based around a fictional recycling facility run entirely by robots

There’s something for everyone at this year’s Robotronica.


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