13 – 14 May: AngelHack Global Hackathon

Series: Brisbane

Over the years we’ve seen teams of coders, designers and entrepreneurs from around the world become Whole Developers, watched as their Thoughts Become Things, and proved that Anyone Can Code. We’ve seen the code commit moment over and over again. The “oh sh*t I hope this works” moment. The moment where you know your hopes and dreams of winning that prize, that spot in the accelerator, that idea validation, are all on the line.

So, for our 10th Global Hackathon Series, we’re asking you to Commit To Your Code, and in turn commit to your project, a global ecosystem, yourself, your team, and your future.

#AH10 is here.

While the land down under may be most famous for its opera house, surfers and cuddly bears, it is also the birthplace of great startups. We are therefore teaming up with the country’s leading startup accelerator, BlueChilli, for all our hackathons in Australia this year. As part of their open innovation program CityConnect, they are searching for innovative smart cities solutions that will transform the way we move, play, work, trade and lead our lives at home.

Date & Time May 13, 2017 at 9:00 AM – May 14, 2017 at 6:00 PM AEST
Cost $10.00
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