Glenn Wyatt: The Traffic-World of Ho Chi Minh City


The QUT Design Lab in association with the Urban Informatics Research Lab invite you to a guest seminar:

An Aesthetic of Matters of Concern: The Traffic-World of Ho Chi Minh City

Glenn Wyatt
PhD Candidate, Interactive & Visual Design, QUT Design Lab

Monday, 6 February 2017, NEW START TIME: 3pm – 4pm
QUT Design Lab, Gardens Point campus, A Block, Room A101 (map)

In order to understand the forces driving urban traffic and the underlying paradigm for how each unique urban traffic situation operates, we need to move beyond purely technological solutions and notions of traffic made up of discrete objects. Instead, we may view traffic as a thing in itself, a thing made up of things whereby a thing is a gathering. By substituting objects for things, we may begin to see that the things that populate the traffic-world are an effect of their position in a network of actors and only get their meaning within networks of reference and relevance.

This also allows us to rethink temporal and spatial notions in relation to how people make sense and negotiate through urban traffic environments. This may get us closer to revealing the hidden cultural structures, whereby the artificial exactness of the matters-of-fact-physical-traffic-infrastructure recedes to the background and the more entangled and ambiguous structure of human action may come to the fore.

Only then can we begin to understand the essence of being in the traffic-world and to view phenomena such as urban traffic in all its complexities and multiplicities so that we may hope to steer it in a direction to better serve the needs of humans. From here, we may begin to ask questions of what role design can play and how the scope of design may be opened up to address such complex phenomena in the modern world.

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Date Monday, 6 February 2017, 3pm – 4pm AEST
Location QUT Design Lab, Gardens Point campus, A Block, Room A101
Cost Free
Organisation QUT Design Lab
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