Benno Bock: Monitoring the Transition of Urban Mobility

The QUT Design Lab in association with the Urban Informatics Research Lab invite you to a guest seminar:

Monitoring the Transition of Urban Mobility

Benno Bock
Innovation Centre for Mobility and Sociatal Change (InnoZ), Berlin, Germany

Friday, 3 February 2017, 11am – 12pm
QUT Design Lab, Gardens Point campus, J Block, Room J214 (map)

The current development of urban mobility is framed by a need for decarbonisation, evolving mobility services and a shift in people’s mobility behaviour. InnoZ’s main focus is on the societal effects of new services such as ridesharing, autonomous driving, shared mobility, electric mobility and mobile services. An IT infrastructure has therefore been set up, which now gathers, manages, analyses and visualises data from innovative mobility services. Movements of shared vehicles, spatial demand for bike-sharing, density of charging infrastructure, and number of EV registrations are typical examples. The information is gained from various data sources such as free accessible web-data, web-mining, smartphone tracking, or log-files from apps. Web-based applications and semi-automated survey methods enable the continuous growth of our database. Data is extractable on a sub-daily frequency and is scalable on a global level. The system allows to monitor key indicators in the change of our mobility systems and behaviour. Computationally intensive simulations enable the extrapolation of data for the current status and can pave the way for simple and cost-efficient urban transport forecasts.

About Benno:

Benno Bock has conducted research on new forms of urban mobility at InnoZ since 2009. He gained his educational background at the Transport Systems Planning and Transport Telematics School of the Technical Universtiy of Berlin, receiving his degree with a joint study at the TU Berlin, the ITC (The Netherlands) and CEPT (India) on the usage of remote sensing data for transportation modelling. Starting at InnoZ, he initially conducted research on eCarsharing pilots and large scale tests of inter-modal routing services. During his time at InnoZ, his research methods have shifted from social sciences to data analytics of passively generated data. His research interests now centre on flexible and semi-public transport products such as car-, scooter- and bike-sharing. Major achievements in that context are the development of the first application-oriented transport model for free-floating carsharing, the involvement in the product design of a smartphone-based trip survey and the implementation of a large scale database on shared mobility.

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Date Friday, 3 February 2017, 11am – 12pm AEST
Location QUT Design Lab, Gardens Point campus, J Block, Room J214
Cost Free
Organisation QUT Design Lab
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