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The Promise of Blockchain for Food and Agriculture

Professor Marcus Foth and Mr Warwick Powell continue the QUT Blockchain Seminar Series offering a critical overview of blockchain technology for applications in food and agriculture. Specifically, they talk about BeefLedger – an integrated platform in collaborative development with QUT and the Food Agility CRC for improved food…

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Blockchain technology to fight food fraud in the beef industry

A research project designed to track beef from the paddock to the plate and protect Australia’s reputation for world-class beef production will be launched today (Monday 4 December) at QUT. Marcus Foth, Professor of Urban Informatics at the QUT Design Lab said BeefLedger is an industry-led project bringing together design, business,…

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30 Nov: QUT Design Lab seminar: Richard Murphy

Richard Murphy was educated at Newcastle and Edinburgh Universities and for four years taught at Edinburgh University and researched the work of the Venetian Architect, Carlo Scarpa, at the Castelvecchio, Verona. Richard founded the Practice of Richard Murphy Architects in 1991 which has since won 22 RIBA, and currently holds the…

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Tech chiefs make their predictions for 2018

Over the past year, we have seen new technology released at a rate many would have considered unrealistic even a few years ago as new gadgets, solutions and platforms nestle more closely into our everyday lives – both at work and play. While questions and aspirations around how technology will continue to evolve in coming years are yet…

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Co-creation in the smart city: Prof Marcus Foth

This webinar will move the smart city discussion beyond IoT and public wifi. It will introduce insights from applied research to realign the smart city agenda with the needs of people and the urban environment. International case studies will trace different stages of smart city maturity from city services to models of co-creation and…

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6 Nov: QUT Design Lab Seminar – The Radical Centre: a design led approach to reconciling biodiversity conservation and bushfire safety

QUT Design Lab presents a seminar by Dr Ian Weir. In Australia alone, over 800 people have died in bushfires in the last 100 years. Most people die in or very close to their homes. With a warming climate and increased development in bushland interface areas around the world, many more people will die in bushfires unless we address the…

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9 Oct: QUT Design Lab Seminar – Dr Megan Strickfaden – Design-Able: ‘Learning from a Village’ and Other Ethnographic Stories for Designers

QUT Design Lab invites you to a guest lecture by Dr Megan Strickfaden, University of Alberta, Canada. Dr Strickfaden is a scholar, anthropologist, complex problem solver and designer. She has lived and worked as a designer, educator and researcher globally in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Mexico, USA and Canada. Most recently her…

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Future Fruit: 3D designed and printed fruit

Here in Australia we can grow a range of delicious fruits, but in some places the environment makes it difficult to grow some fruits…but what if they could 3D print fruit? At QUT’s Design Lab, Dr Deb Polson and her team have designed an interactive system to create the fruit of the future.

School leads hunt for tomorrow's entrepreneurs

QUT Design Lab’s Natalie Wright has been working with Indooroopilly State High School, leading a consortium of industry, government and education organisations and individuals aiming to nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs. As the workforce continues to be transformed by globalisation and demographic shifts, the need has never…

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