QUT Design PhD student awarded Code for Australia Fellowship

Irina is a cross-breed software developer, user experience designer and technology manager.

Apart of being a Code for Australia fellow, Irina is pursuing a PhD at the Urban Informatics Research Lab at QUT. She aims to humanise the Smart City by investigating the establishment of an urban innovation hub in South-East Queensland to facilitate bottom-up participatory citymaking.

Prior Irina worked in a variety of tech and design-related roles, in a wide range of companies. From mobile developer for start-ups and an app agency, to IT consultant working as full-stack developer and UX designer for large clients from the publishing and car rental industry, to running her own freelance business, she enjoys constantly expanding her horizon and expertise. If there’s one thing Irina loves, it’s a new challenge.

She’s passionate about women in business and tech, loves nature and sports, travel and living abroad. Oh, and good food. Lots of it. She has just launched a food blog.


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