Rapid Analytics Interactive Scenario Explorer Toolkit

In collaboration with the University of NSW and funded by the CRC for Spatial Information, this project focuses on building a highly interactive geo-visualisation toolkit for accessing automated land valuation models through to more complex land value uplift models. This will enable land valuers, city councils, state government policy and decision-makers and industry to collaboratively explore and test hypotheses connected with the likely causes of land valuation changes in relation to infrastructure decision.

QUT CIs are:

  • Dr Markus Rittenbruch, Design Lab, Interactive and Visual Design
  • Prof. Marcus Foth, Design Lab, Interactive and Visual Design
  • Dr Peta Mitchell, DMRC
  • Mr Bryce Christensen, Design Lab
  • Assoc. Prof. Tomasz Bednarz, (IFE / SEF), now UNSW

Project partners:

More information at:


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