Professor Evonne Miller

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Professor of of Design Psychology

In the last five years, Evonne has designed and delivered 25+ participatory co-design sprints, developing, prototyping, and testing innovative ideas across diverse topics including: reimagining healthcare delivery, facilitating environmental sustainability, the potential of digital innovations, and improving the delivery of mental health and palliative care mental services.

Healthcare Design Sprints  

  • Co-designing support with and for families when a child has a brain tumor (online, Queensland Children’s Hospital, 2023)
  • Co-Designing palliative care information, communication and resources – 2 day workshops, online and in person (Clinical Excellence Queensland, 2023).
  • Co-designing for BaSCi (Brain and Spinal Cord Injury): A solution exploration workshop (Clinical Excellence Queensland, October, 2022)
  • Reimaging healthcare – specialist referral process in the regions, ED, and inpatient to outpatient (Queensland Clinical Senate, online April; 2 days, June 2022)
  • Designing for mental health in rural Australia (The Big Reach/Big Anxiety Festival, May 2022)
  • Co-designing the palliative care hospital experience (St Vincent’s Hospital, April 2021)
  • Delivering seamless care in Central Queensland: telehealth, digital decision support and at home monitoring technology (Central Queensland Hospital and Health Services, 2021)
  • Connecting rehab services across West Moreton (West Moreton Hospital and Health Services, 2021)
  • Unpackathon – co-designing a vision for transforming the Queensland healthcare workforce for 2030 (QH Strategic Workforce Advisory Committee, July 2021)
  • Redesigning meetings – a Harry Potter lens (Dream Big Festival, September 2020, Queensland Children’s Hospital)
  • Redesigning how prisoners in Queensland might request health services (Office for Prisoner Health and Wellbeing, 2021)
  • Reducing pain in paediatric procedural care (Dream Big Festival, September 2020, Queensland Children’s Hospital)
  • Co-creating virtual care: virtual outpatient integration for chronic disease, VOICeD (Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Services, 2020)
  • Re-designing healthcare for the pandemic (Clinical Excellence Queensland, 2019)

Public events, including Singapore and Melbourne Design Week 

  • Participate, Co-Create, Advocate: Amplifying voices from the Royal Commission into Aged Care (Melbourne Design Week; May 2023)
  • Co designing intergenerational housing (Queensland Seniors Week, October 2022)
  • Design for care in a post-pandemic world: international innovation bootcamp (Singapore Design Week; 3 days – 19, 21, 23 September 2022)
  • Design Doing: A disruptive health system model between designers, clinicians and users (International Society for Quality in Healthcare, October 2022) 
  • Design Sprint: How might we create the world’s most environmentally sustainable shopping centre experience? (2022)
  • Designing out loneliness and social isolation: a co-design approach (Singapore Design Week; 9 March 2019)
  • Co-designing innovation in ageing (Australian Association of Gerontology Conference, Sydney 2019)