Engaging Clinicians with Design Thinking – a Training Program

Design Thinking for Clinicians: 

An Online Training Program

As part of HEAL* – Design Thinking leaders from QUT developed a series of online Design Thinking resources for Clinical Excellence Queensland and ran a half-day Design Thinking workshop in late 2020 with the 2020 Clinical Excellence Fellows – developed and facilitated by Dr Natalie Wright and Dr Judy Matthews from the QUT Design Lab. Participants included doctors and allied health professionals from Queensland Health across Queensland.

*HEAL – the Healthcare Excellence Accelerator Lab – is a partnership between QUT Design Lab and Clinical Excellence Queensland designed to connect healthcare professionals across Queensland with designers, who will work together and use design approaches to transform thinking, spaces, places, processes and products, and positively transform healthcare.





The morning began with an introduction to Design Thinking, and the EDIPT design thinking process: Empathise – Define – Ideate – Prototype – Test. Participants worked in small groups of 4-5 for the morning, to work on potential solutions for self-selected critical problems from their work areas.



Participants were highly engaged throughout the workshop, enthusiastically participating in developing visual skills, and reflecting on the needs of users and the current challenges in their particular health related contexts.  The 2020 cohort expressed disappointment that the CEQ Fellows’ collaboration with the QUT Design Lab had begun so late in their Fellowship, asking whether they could be involved in future sessions, as they saw value in repetition of both learning and doing the design thinking process for ongoing projects. As a result, the workshop was offered in May to the 2021 CEQ Fellows cohort.

Project Team 


Professor Evonne Miller

Dr Natalie Wright

Dr Judy Matthews



Below are five (5) videos produced as part of the HEAL Design Thinking project. These are available to CEQ Fellows in their internal Moodle site, but are also available here for anyone to view.

Video 1: An Introduction to Design Thinking, presented by Dr Judy Matthews.

Video 2: Empathy in Design Thinking, presented by Dr Natalie Wright.

Video 3: Design and Ideate in Design Thinking, presented by Dr Natalie Wright.

Video 4: Prototyping and Testing in Design Thinking, presented by Professor Evonne Miller.

Video 5: Conclusion, presented by Dr Judy Matthews.

Additionally, here are two Design Thinking Conversations with the Project Team.