Our HDR students

René Cornish

René Cornish’s PhD examines the ways in which social media is transforming broader society and employment relations in South Africa. Using systematic content analysis techniques, the thesis is positioned at the intersection between social media proliferation and contested first-instance dismissals for social media misconduct as a developing global phenomenon.

Morgan Broman

Morgan is an experienced researcher with Masters degrees in law and computer science from Lund University, Sweden. Morgan’s PhD examines how the Laws of Armed Conflict (LOAC) can be programmed into lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS).

Lachlan Robb

Lachlan’s research focuses on the socio-legal dimensions to technology, and his PhD is an investigation into a blockchain tech start-up, and how this technology potentially disrupts legal and normative orders. He has since published and presented in areas of technology, innovation, law, and socio-legal studies.

Kristina Chelberg

Kristina holds a MWEP, LLB and BSc from The University of Queensland. Kristina’s research is interested in how public discourses frame understandings of social problems, particularly in the field of health law. Kristina’s PhD is titled ‘Construction of Dementia in Australian Aged Care Public Discourse and Law’ and investigates narratives of dementia in Australia, representation in the public discourse of key stakeholders and institutions, and how these may present in the legislative and regulatory framework of the aged care system.

John Siong

John Siong’s PhD focuses on the adoption and regulation of automated land vehicles in Australia and China. Through a comparative law approach it focuses on the role of consumer law in both jurisdictions to deal with issues of assurance of safey, injury compensation and privacy.

Rachel Horne

Rachel Horne’s PhD examines the existing Australian regulatory frameworks for the accreditation and assurance of autonomy for commercial automated maritime vessels.