Pikinini Kisim Save

The Pikinini Kisim Save – Improving Elementary Education in Papua New Guinea (2018-2020) project brings together a consortium of partners managed by Care International. The partners work towards supporting the national government’s initiative to increase the quality of children’s education in PNG.

The project seeks to contribute to improving the quality in elementary education in PNG by strengthening teaching around literacy and numeracy, focusing on girls’ education and girls’ retention in schools and supporting gender-inclusive and effective education management and coordination. The education, especially of girls, is critical to enabling a stronger, more prosperous Papua New Guinea. Investing in girls and overall early childhood education contributes to the overall development and strengthening of communities and individuals. Elementary education and early childhood education provide an important foundation for a child’s pathway to contribute meaningfully and respectfully to society.

QUT developed an educational knowledge hub that supports a community of learners to produce and share relevant content. The project maps stakeholders’ communication ecologies both online and offline, digital and non-digital, and uses storytelling and creative content production as key processes for learning and sharing.

Funding / Grants

  • Care International (2018 - 2020)

Chief Investigators