Communicating the Law Toolkit

In recent years Papua New Guinea has undergone key legislative changes in areas relevant to human rights. The communication of these changes to people in communities has presented challenges. The Communicating the Law toolkit is developed to provide ways in which current legal information in Papua New Guinea on human rights, children’s rights, gender-based violence and sorcery accusation related violence can be communicated using participatory communication techniques.

The toolkit was developed in collaboration with human rights defenders and relevant stakeholders. As such it includes up-to-date and relevant content built on the successful strategies already used in community education programs. These collaborators were brought together in a series of workshops in Goroka, Papua New Guinea. The toolkit incorporates materials that have been developed by human rights defenders themselves through their work and projects in gender-based and sorcery related violence. This ensures that local narratives and contexts are integrated throughout the toolkit. The toolkit presents an innovative communication framework, to ensure impactful engagement among audiences and participants.

Currently our team facilitates the implementation of the Communicating the Law toolkit, which includes training of facilitators and working closely with facilitators and partners to implement the modules with key influencers and communities.

Funding / Grants

  • Oxfam Australia (2017 - 2019)

Chief Investigators