Rosalie Abeto Zerrudo

    PhD Candidate

    Ma Rosalie Abeto Zerrudo is community based multidisciplinary teaching artist with the heart of a cultural worker. Her background in AB Psychology and Masters in Educational Theater for Communities (New York University with support from Ford International Fellowship Program) compliments her meaning-making and process-oriented art practice that she describes as soul work.  She serves as Assistant Professor in Fine Arts Program, University of San Agustin, Iloilo Philippines, and is currently on staff development to undertake her PhD in the Creative Industries Faculty at QUT.

    Her PhD research project investigates the potential and concept of restorative processes and practices with incarcerated women in the Philippines. The project uses process- and people-centered engaged art practice and employs arts-based inter-textual process of creative and poetic inquiry, and performative research.

    Thesis Title

    Restorative Survival and Resilience of Women Mothering Behind Bars.


    A/Prof Verena Thomas
    Dr Jackie Kauli