Craig Jones

    PhD Candidate

    Craig is a nationally accredited mediator in Australia and PNG, who has over 30 years experience working with Indigenous communities to progress development.  His mediation work is focused on the complex matters, matters involving violence and matters involving Indigenous peoples.

    Craig understands the complexities of negotiating outcomes in tense environments.  He is a director of the consultancy firm RREDD. Craig leads RREDD engagement with clients in the belief that development can be for the benefit of all parties and risk (external and internal) when identified and acknowledged can be managed. He also the chair of the start-up firm Creedence Well Services. This company although for profit is also for impact. Its impact goal is to deliver 100% Indigenous field staff in increasing sustainability in the oil and gas sector. Additionally, Craig is the volunteer CEO of Gandhi Salt March Ltd, a charity focused on building peace in the world based on Gandhi philosophy. 

    Craig has leadership experience in the resources, government and academic sectors. He has long term experience in engaging with communities. 

    Finally, Craig is a volunteer surf life saver and keen bicycle rider.