Bomai Witne

    PhD Candidate

    Bomai Witne is from the Yuri and Bari tribes of Papua New Guinea (PNG). He is currently on study leave from the University of Goroka where he has been a Lecturer in Political Science since 2011. Bomai is passionate about community service and he enjoys interacting with community members and listening to their stories. At the University of Goroka he has expanded this passion by engaging university students in project that involve community-oriented dialogues. He is a keen supporter of church programs and institutions that are targeted at improving spiritual, cultural and economic well-being of the people. Since 2013, Boma has been part of the Yuri tribal response to address different forms of violence including violence related to sorcery accusations. Bomai is interested in understanding how local initiatives can create a platform for peace building and community well-being.

    Bomai’s research study sets out to understand the complexity of contemporary sorcery violence, documenting the culturally appropriate motivation, prevention and future thinking of the Yuri people of Gumine District in the Simbu Province of Papua New Guinea. The research project recruited men and women representing the 13 clans of the Yuri tribe for interviews, storytelling and photography workshops, highlighting a tribal approach to peacebuilding and violence prevention.