Yumi Sanap Strong Photo Exhibition, Canberra 2019

Kafe Urban Settlers’ Women’s Association, Kup Women for Peace, Kedu Seif Haus, Nazareth Centre for Rehabilitation

Queensland University of Technology

University of Goroka

This photo exhibition showcases photographs by human rights defenders in Papua New Guinea. They are part of the community-led initiative Yumi Sanap Strong (Let’s Stand Strong Together) that emerges from an action research project undertaken by Queensland University of Technology in partnership with the University of Goroka. The project develops communication strategies and materials to address sorcery accusation related violence in Papua New Guinea.

The Yumi Sanap Strong project seeks to better understand the causes, impacts and solutions around sorcery accusation related violence. Human rights defenders from Papua New Guinea produced photographs and stories which they use for advocacy and education. Producing media materials that capture stories of change highlights the key role the arts and media can play in contributing to a better understanding of human rights and sorcery accusation related violence in Papua New Guinea.

The stories demonstrate, through the brave leadership of the human rights defenders, how change emerges from within communities and how individual and community-led initiatives can be used to highlight the importance of valuing human life. Here, women collective movements have played a key role in addressing violence in communities.

The stories shared in this exhibition are told by the organisations Kup Women for Peace (Simbu), Kafe Women’s Association (Eastern Highlands Province), Kedu Seif Haus (Milne Bay) and the Nazareth Centre for Rehabilitation (Bougainville).


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