Dr Hassendrini Peiris

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    Doctor Hassendrini Peiris is an early career investigator with an emerging track record in pregnancy and parturition research. Dr Peiris has detailed knowledge of eicosanoid and exosomal functions in reproduction, as well as eicosanoid biological processes. Dr Peiris has specialist expertise in the development of techniques for measurement of specific eicosanoids, and in isolation/characterisation of exosomes proposed to be used in this research project.

    Dr Peiris is a post-doctoral research fellow at Queensland University of Technology. Throughout her PhD and time as post-doctoral researcher she her research interest has been in reproduction, pregnancy and preganancy complications including preterm labour and delivery. Dr Peiris was awarded her Doctor of Philosophy by The University of Queensland in January 2015. This PhD focussed on the expression and potential functions of myostatin in the human placenta during normal and complicated pregnancy. During her PhD she developed a highly sensitive method for the detection of myostatin protein by mass spectrometry. This work was funded by a Diabetes Australia Research Trust (DART) grant awarded to CIA Mitchell and Dr Peiris as CIB.

    In 2015 she was awarded a prestigious postdoctoral fellowship by the Lalor Foundation (Boston, Massachusetts in the United States of America -Only, 209 foreign scientists have received this award to conduct their work outside the USA). This fellowship allowed her to pursue the development of a mass spectrometry method for eicosanoids which was published in 2016 PLOSOne where she was the senior author. The method developed will be utilised in the current NHMRC publication.

    In her post-doctoral position, Dr Peiris has focussed on the development of new techniques for exosome isolation. She is currently a co-supervisor to 5 PhD students (one to completion, and 4 currently enrolled) in the development and application of these new methodologies to various projects.