Our group seeks to improve the health of children, as well as advance understanding of reproductive health.

We have a focus on biomarker development, and in particular exosomes, as these factors provide information on many aspects of health. The group is also expert in the study of the important signalling molecules eicosanoids, and how changes in eicosanoids reflect functions ranging from the onset of human birth to the fertility of dairy cows.

Our goal is to use our robust and reproducible methods in the following projects:

  • Evaluating the exosome content of milk—comparing human breast milk with cow’s milk to help improve infant formula for better infant nutrition
  • Determining how eicosanoids could be used to improve the health and productivity of commercial dairy and beef cattle
  • Biomarkers for targeted therapeutic development in preterm labour and child neurological conditions
  • Improving treatment of a range of diseases using exosomes (loading) as delivery vehicles for therapeutics.