The installation and performance, META forms a constellation of many mobile referential platforms that together address new ways of making and knowing dance practice. In both modalities, I am attempting to weave together my research over the past 3 years and to bring forth concepts as samples of ideas I have both experimented with and experienced. These concepts have been developed in studio-based practice, in documentation processes, in conversations with other dancers, writings on my website, for conference papers, the exegesis, and within the thinking that takes place around, within and through all of these processes.

Within the installation, my intention is to make the investigation of the body visible across the writings on my website (, the interactive task-based ‘A Piece for Upper Body and Dots’, and the video screens that sample my Physical Thinking Prototypes (studio-based processes). In addition, the performance of META offers a further portal to the thinking surrounding my research. META mobilizes ideas across video, text, sound and body as I draw upon key Physical Thinking Prototypes that I have established throughout my research.

The Physical Thinking Prototypes, WORK, meta, and project poser, all offer a different perspective into my studio-based practice proposing new ways of thinking and moving. On the website under ‘Projects’ in the menu tab, you can find each of these prototypes listed and click through to find more information. Each of the Physical Thinking Prototypes emanated from the production of specific constraints, while working with concepts, that sought to elicit new or novel ways of moving / constructing new bodies in dance. Explanatory notes on META can be found in ‘PhD Research’ from the menu tab on the website. Here I discuss how I have constructed my research into the form of an event. What is fundamental to this investigation is the idea of sampling and creating a space that seeks out the history of the studio-based processes in multiple iterations – text, video and body. I specifically ask how can this multi-disciplinary approach convey key elements of the body-based investigation in writing, edited video, and also within my body?