Research Programs

The Transformative Creative Practices Program

This research program investigates and articulates the transformative potential of creative practices to engage communities for inclusive decision-making; re-imagine places for sustainable futures and inform policy through rich and meaningful end-user collaboration. The research conducted in this program is focussed on creating, testing and evaluating arts-based research methods to collaborate with marginalised and under-served communities to address urgent issues facing them and society at large, and to re-imagine of role of the creative arts and culture as a transformative process and a compelling communicative tool for social change and informing policy settings.

We work across the creative disciplines of creative writing, music, drama, music and visual arts and have active transdisciplinary collaborations within the fields of health, design, education and science.

Current areas of research:

• Arts based community engagement processes

• Arts and health research

• Innovative audience engagement and curatorial practices in cultural institutions

• First Nations knowledges and interventions into arts, cultural and social practices

• Narrative based communication and social impact

Please contact A/Prof Donna Hancox for further information.

The Transformative Lived Experience Program

The Transformative Lived Experience Program seizes the shift in cultural events where lived experiences are recognised as a key mode of engagement for impactful content delivery at the museum, the page, the stage, the screen, the public space, the entertainment and the corporate sector.

The field of Experience Economy has long recognised the role of the mise-en-scene and participation in the added value of a product. Nowadays and unsurprisingly, “guiding transformations” is gaining attention in this model. Recognizing the important turn into this acceptance of the transformative experience, the Creative Lab aims to situate and investigate how Creative Practices are at the heart of the ability to mark or change lives. This enables the Creative Lab to be at the confluence of commercial markets and social concerns and to generate an innovative discourse and singular practice in this effervescent sector.

The Lived Experience program wishes to cultivate the image of the creative practitioner as technological iconoclast capable of questioning and disrupting her/his field. New creative forms emerging as a result of digital and disruptive technology – such as augmented reading experiences; hybrid theatre performance and immersive theatre; virtual reality experiences; content streaming services that have altered the nature of television scripting; interactive documentary; and transmedia storytelling – all present new approaches to and the potential for entirely new art forms and cultural productions to emerge.

Current areas of research:

● Interactive and immersive cinema

● Movement and computational bodies

● Virtual characters, robotic characters, augmented and altered bodies

● New museum experience and altered curatorial practices

● Public participation, large scale events and enabling technologies

● Expanded experience, engagement, immersive technologies (AR, XR, VR) and creative practices

● Public art, new materials and new representations

● Experience as awareness: socially and ecologically engaged practices

● Experiencing cultural heritage, embodied museography, photogrammetry

● Embodied experiences for human performance, health, e-sports and gaming

● Documentary theatre, new performance formats and public engagement (co-participation)

Please contact Prof Louis-Philippe Demers for more information.