About the lab

The creative arts can play a crucial role in building understanding of complex social, environmental, economic, and cultural conditions. The Creative Lab aims to generate new knowledge, create value, lead innovation, and assist communities and organisations as they engage with the great challenges of our era. We are at the forefront of building high impact, transformative, transdisciplinary research at QUT, developing and critically applying new technological forms and deriving unconventional processes to support innovation in the creative sectors.

The Creative Lab looks to actively collaborate in transformational partnerships with other disciplines such as health, education, science and technology – as well as solving problems these collaborations can produce unique, high-quality and powerful outcomes.

Currently the Lab is restructuring and the lab foci will comprise of two streams: the transformative extended experience and the transformative creative practice. Targeted metaphorically at two complementary transformative spaces within our lives, in a continuous spectrum from the individual to the society, from personal senses to collective concerns


The Creative Lab Annual Report 2017 is available below.

Click the link below to see the 2016/2017 Annual Report