Never Say Die: The Hundred-Year Overnight Success of Australian Women’s Football

Creative Lab researcher Dr Lee McGowan and Creative Industries alumni Dr Fiona Crawford continue their exciting research into women’s football with the publication of their book Never Say Die: The hundred-year overnight success of Australian women’s football.  Lee has been awarded several grants to explore the history of women’s football as part of With a Ball at HER Feet project and this collaboration with writer Fiona Crawford explores the stories of the past, present and future of Australian women’s football through the players and the fans talking about the game they love.


Australian women’s football rides high on the sporting landscape now, but this book shows that success has been one hundred years in the making.  It shows that Australian women’s football is about community, endurance and collective success.


The book will be available in late November in the stores but will be officially launched at Riverbend Books on November 29.  Please visit Riverbend’s event page for more details.