Visiting Scholar Lecture – Marge Sassi

Please join us for a lecture by Creative Lab visiting scholar Marge Sassi (Estonian Business School) on Wednesday 7th August at 10.30am in Z9-607 followed by light refreshments on the balcony.  RSVP HERE.

How Art and Business can co-exist in perfect Harmony:  Paradoxes in Cultural and Creative Industries Organizations?


Art and business can co-exist (Caves, 2000). However, it is not always easy and Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) Organizations are often described through facing paradoxes based on the dual goals of art and commerce. Also struggling towards the balance between cultural and commercial aspects of performance (Manzoni and Caporarello 2017) seems to be typical to the sector and the success of the CCI organizations is said to depend on finding a balance between those paradoxes (Lampel, Lant, and Shamsie 2000). However, there seems to be no common understanding what are these paradoxes about, how do they influence the existence of CCI Organizations and how to overcome them?

Some authors have argued that Performance Evaluation is a “Balancing Act” between paradoxes in CCI (Turbide and Laurin 2009). During the presentation, some additional empirical evidence is provided to support the claim that Performance Evaluation practices could be the solution to overcome the paradoxes in CCI Organizations. Presentation uses Paradox Theory lenses and is based on a mixed-methods research carried out in Estonia. As a result of the research and contribution to theory, a conceptual model is introduced to explain how “Creative Freedom” and “Survival Challenges” affect evaluation-hesitant CCI Organizations’ Performance Evaluation.



Marge Sassi is a newcomer in academia. She started her journey as a PhD student, junior researcher and lecturer 5 years ago in Estonian Business School and is currently a visiting Research Student under mentorship of Associate Professor Sandra Gattenhof. Marge is a mixed-methods researcher with solid work experience from social sector (government and international organizations) and as European Commission expert for Creative Europe grant scheme. Her current research interests cover: Measuring Societal Impact of Art Organizations; Strategic Management of Cultural and Creative Industries Organizations; and Using Flow Theory in Developing Leadership.