Emerging Scholar Success

Second year Creative Lab PhD student Christine Scoggin has received international recognition, being selected as a recipient of the Emerging Scholar Award at the 2019 International Conference on the Arts in Society, to be held mid-year in Lisbon, Portugal. Christine is working on a practice-led research project “Strong Houses, Strong Voices: Sharing the lived experiences of natural builders in South Africa through digital storytelling” with supervisors Dr Keith Armstrong (Creative Lab) and A/Prof Evonne Miller (QUT Design Lab).  In her work, Christine uses the ‘digital storytelling’ methodology pioneered by the Centre for Digital Storytelling (CDS) to co-create first-person video narratives to present the lived experiences of a group of ‘post-natural’ builders currently constructing houses within South African informal settlements.  The paper Christine will be giving at the International Conference on the Arts in Society will present how she has adapted the CDS methodology to allow for inclusion of these builders who have been marginalised within their own society due to lack of education, lack of citizenship, or disability.