Xinyi Xu

PhD Candidate, School of Nursing

Xinyi graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing from Nanjing Medical University, China in 2016. She completed her master’s degree at Nanjing Medical University, where she focused on patient fatigue after gastrointestinal tumour surgery and conducted predictive modelling to identify high-risk patients based on analysis of risk factors.

Currently, Xinyi is a PhD student at QUT School of Nursing. Her research focuses on skeletal muscle loss among patients after gastrointestinal tumour surgery. She is specifically investigating the risk factors and testing the feasibility of a nurse-lead intervention program to reduce postoperative muscle loss.

Key publications:

Hua, H., Xu, X., Tang, Y., Ren, Z., Xu, Q., & Chen, L. (2019). Effect of sarcopenia on clinical outcomes following digestive carcinoma surgery: a meta-analysis. Supportive Care in Cancer27(7), 2385–2394.

Xu, X., Lu, J., Xu, Q., Hua, H., Xu, L., & Chen, L. (2021). Risk factors and the utility of three different kinds of prediction models for postoperative fatigue after gastrointestinal tumor surgery. Supportive Care in Cancer29(1), 203–211.