A review of the current national and international literature for best practice treatment and care for pancreatic cancer

Project dates: 16/12/2020 - 31/05/2021

Cancer Australia in partnership with the Australian Department of Health is developing a National Pancreatic Cancer Roadmap (‘the Roadmap’) to support improved outcomes and survival for people with pancreatic cancer. The Roadmap will guide evidence-based research and best-practice care to improve outcomes for all people affected by a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Development of the Roadmap will be informed by an analysis of the status of pancreatic cancer treatment and care, and pancreatic cancer research and clinical trials in Australia.

Cancer Australia has contracted researchers from both Queensland University of Technology and the University of Technology Sydney to complete a rapid review of the national and international published literature to identify gaps and opportunities in pancreatic cancer treatment and care, aligned to the Optimal Care Pathway for people with pancreatic cancer. This reporting is one of the key evidence-gathering activities being undertaken.

The objectives specifically focused on within this project include a review of the literature regarding the status and opportunities for improvements in treatment and care, and outcomes, for people affected by pancreatic cancer, including but not limited to:

  • Increasing awareness of risk factors, and the early signs and symptoms for pancreatic cancer
  • Increasing early detection, early referral and early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer
  • Improving access to the pancreatic cancer treatment pathway for curative and non-curative intent, including: patient involvement, treatment planning, timeliness, rapid access, coordinated treatment and care, place of care and best-practice care
  • Improving patient experience, supportive care and communication for people with pancreatic cancer, and their family members / carers (‘carers’) across the cancer care continuum
  • Research and clinical trials priorities for improving prevention, early detection, treatment, care after initial treatment and recovery management of recurrent, residual, and metastatic disease and end-of-life care for pancreatic cancer.

Project outcomes:

  • A report for Cancer Australia, outlining key findings and recommendations to inform the next steps for the Pancreatic Cancer Roadmap development.

Project partners:

Funding / Grants

  • Cancer Australia

Chief Investigators