Brooke Kohler

    PhD Student

    BESS (Hons), MPhty.

    Project Title: Effects of a goal-directed therapeutic exercise program in paediatric survivors of childhood posterior fossa brain tumours: a randomised control trial

    Brooke Kohler is a PhD candidate at Queensland University of Technology; joining the team at the Centre for Children’s Health Research in September 2019. The primary focus of her PhD is to explore the effects of a therapeutic, goal-directed exercise intervention for paediatric survivors of childhood posterior fossa brain tumours. This group of children are subject to reduced physical functioning, neurocognitive impairments, chronic fatigue and reduced participation in physical activity. This research will include the investigation of cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular strength, cognitive function and quality of life of children aged 5 to 17, and aim to have a meaningful impact on the quality of survivorship for these children. Brooke is passionate about providing innovative and evidence-based exercise interventions for people of all abilities and draws experience from her work as a physiotherapist in the disability area, to complement this.