Are you a 'Super Taster'? Partcipate in the "Picky Eating Taste Sensitivity' Study to find out.

Dr Rebecca Byrne is collaborating with colleagues at the University of Canberra on this study investigating picky eating habits in primary school age children.

The  team are leading a study to investigate whether school age children (7-12 years) are picky eaters or are they actually super tasters!!!

The findings of the study will help us understand children’s picky or fussy eating behaviour and identify children who are ‘Super Tasters’!!! Super tasters are individuals who have a genetic sensitivity to bitter taste, commonly found in cruciferous vegetables (e.g. Brussel sprouts) and citrus fruits (e.g. grapefruits).

We would love to invite you to participate in our study which requires you and your child (7-12 years) to complete a quick online questionnaire. The links below:

Please complete the online questionnaire:

For child:

For parent/primary caregiver:


Further details provided in the attached flyer.

Picky Eating Taste Sensitivity

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