Zoomed-in Science

What is Zoomed-In Science?

Zoomed-In Science is a QUT sponsored outreach program that brings real scientific research laboratories directly into the primary classroom. Students meet and interact with actual scientists in their own labs through live and interactive online presentations that involve experiments, educational talks, two-way discussions and free Q and A time.

Each Zoomed-In Science presentation is carefully prepared in collaboration with currently serving Education Queensland primary school teachers to complement and bolster a specific STEM C2C unit. Through this approach Zoomed-In Science aims to enact a lasting improvement in student engagement in their current unit of study.

Zoomed-In Science presenters maintain contact with their classrooms for the duration of the class’ curriculum unit to answer any further student (or teacher!) questions that may arise.

Who can register for a Zoomed-In Science session?

Any primary school or primary school teacher working within Queensland can register for sessions for their students.

Schools and teachers in remote areas are especially encouraged to register.

Zoomed-In Science is currently aiming to present material across grades prep to year 6 in line with recent research into children’s interaction with STEM.

How much does it cost?

At QUT we believe all schools and students, especially those in regional and remote communities should have access to STEM outreach activities no matter their financial situation.

As such, QUT is currently waiving Zoomed-In Science sessions fees for schools across all of Queensland. To prepare for the future, QUT and the Centre for Materials Science are currently working with metropolitan, regional and remote partners in industry and government to ensure Zoomed-In Science can remain freely accessible to schools and students in the years to come.

Who are the presenters?

All Zoomed-In Science presentations are delivered by exceptional, real world scientists that are either research students (Honours, Masters or PhD level), professional post-doctoral researchers or academics. Every presenter is individually trained and holds a Blue Card (for Queensland presenters).

What teachers say about Zoomed-In-Science?

“It was great for kids to see real scientists working in a lab and have both male and female scientists represented. Hopefully this will also instil a love of science in our girls!”

“It was super to walk through your lab with our students and to help switch them on to chemistry. We really enjoyed our time with you guys and appreciated your time in bringing the uni to us.”

Are you an emerging research scientist interested in science communication and engagement?

Zoomed-In Science is always seeking eager presenters. Not only does participation in the Zoomed-In Science program give you an opportunity to provide firsthand education to our next generation of thinkers, but also demonstrates your service and commitment to the scientific community which is essential for an academic career. If you are passionate about both science and educating our next generation of thinkers please get in touch and we can work out how you can get involved! All without even leaving the lab!

We’d love your feedback!

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