Use of Materials Technology to Mitigate the Adverse Effects of Bomb Explosions in Transport Tunnels

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Transport tunnels play an important role in the transport system of a city and they include tunnels for both bus and car travel as well as those for train travel. As these tunnels are locations of high density of people, they can become the target of terrorist attacks such as bomb explosions. This project aims to mitigate the adverse effects of bomb explosions through the use of new materials technology.

Research Activities

The student will model and analyse a typical transport tunnel subjected to a credible bomb explosion. The response with respect to damage will be evaluated. They will then apply the innovative auxetic render and reanalyse to determine the improved response. Properties of the render will be varied (thickness and material properties) to obtain the desired safety response.


The expected outcomes of this project are:
• Innovative technology for mitigating adverse effects of bomb explosions;
• Safety of transport tunnels,
• Preventing disruption of transport services.

Skills and experience

Candidates should be familiar with structural dynamics and computer modelling. Experience with transport tunnels will be desirable.

Industry partners:

  • Robert Bird Group & Kasina Consultants
    • Adj Professor Nimal Perera
  • Madsen & Giersing
    • Dr Ruwanika Piyasena