Sensors and biosensors for disease diagnosis, environmental monitoring and hazard detection

Study level

Master of Philosophy


This project aims to synthesis novel materials and multimodal (optical/electrochemical, laser-based) sensors for the point of care and in-field rapid and non-invasive screening of various compounds such as disease biomarkers, environmental toxins and concealed energetic substances. The project also aims to develop new nano formulations for enhanced drug delivery of drugs and nanosensor for the therapeutic monitoring of drugs.

Research Activities

Synthesis of new conductive polymer materials for electrochemical sensing
Synthesis of new nanostructured sensors for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Development of a new highly sensitive and selective methodology for the detection of biomolecules through their thiol chemistry
Development of new laser-based portable remote sensors for the non-invasive standoff detection of hazardous materials in packaging
Synthesis of new nano formulations for the enhanced drug delivery of sensitive drugs such as class 4 antibiotics and anti-cancers
Development of new nano sensors for the rapid determination of pathogens, and drugs in biological fluids (e.g. blood plasma, saliva).


Develop new knowledge and IP in polymer chemistry, electrochemistry, surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy, open path spectroscopy, new sensors for the determination of biomarkers, toxins, pathogens, hazardous materials, new nano formulations for targeted and enhanced drug delivery.
These outcomes are of significance to public health, the pharmaceutical industry, defence, mining sector, the molecular diagnostics industry

Skills and experience

Good background in analytical chemistry, electrochemistry, organic synthesis, spectroscopy, physics (optics), pharmacy, environmental sciences.