Mechanically Robust Semiconducting Polymers, their Blends/Films for Stretchable Electronics


Next generation electronic appliances such as flexible displays, smart tags, circuits, e-paper, intelligent packaging, soft robotics, wearable and implantable medical prototypes are anticipated to be flexible, foldable, and stretchable. However, the current electronic devices are dominated by inorganic semiconductors which are rigid. Also, they are not compatible with solution processing. Hence, it is imperative to develop low-cost solution processable semiconducting materials that offer lightweight, printable, and mechanical flexibility. In this context, polymer semiconductors are ideal for addressing the aforementioned issues. Despite the fascinating features of polymers, preserving high charge transport properties under stretching conditions remains a challenge.

Research project

Stretchable organic transistors for wearable electronics and robotics: In this project, we will be developing a new class of inherently stretchable conjugated polymers together with polymer blends and stretchable conducting thin films to fabricate organic transistors and various organic electronic devices for the wide range of applications. Through molecular engineering and innovative approaches, we tune the polymer structure, various thin film coatings and blend composition strategies to increase the mechanical strength without compromising device performance. Besides, we will also reveal the fundamental understanding of stretchable polymer’s together with polymer blend and thin films inherent nano mechanical properties in detail and this is more crucial for their use in real-time wearable electronic applications.

  1. Understanding the inherent properties of vapor phase deposited stretchable conducting films.
  2. Design and synthesis of inherently stretchable various conjugated polymers for n-type, p-type and ambipolar organic transistors.
  3. In depth mechanical properties investigation of the polymer thin films using advanced characterisation techniques
  4. Demonstration of stretchable organic transistors device prototypes for the various applications including wearable, robotic and sensing technologies



The project aims to develop a new class of inherently stretchable polymer semiconductors with higher mobility under 100% strain for stretchable device technology. Global stretchable electronics market is expected to witness significant growth & this is attributed to surging demand across wearable healthcare devices, human-machine interface, robotics, AI, IoT, sports & military sectors. Growing necessity for low-cost manufacturing & high performance devices are projected to drive the stretchable electronics market growth very rapidly.

Study level

  • Vacation Research Experience Scheme
  • Capstone (CVB304)
  • Honours
  • Master of Philosophy
  • PhD

  • Vithya Sahar Sethu Madhavan (Research Fellow)
  • Rajesh Kothandaraman (MPhil/HDR Student)