Dual and multivalent ion storage (Zn2+ and Al3+) towards ultrahigh performance hybrid supercapacitors

Dual and multivalent ion storage

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Integrating a battery-type electrode to build a hybrid supercapacitor (HSC) is a promising approach to improve the overall energy density of a supercapacitor-type energy storage device without sacrificing its power output.

This project aims to develop a new dual and multivalent (Zn2+ and Al3+) ion hybrid supercapacitors (DM-HSC) to reversibly store/release electrical energy. In this context, two different pseudocapacitive materials as cathode and anode in DM-HSC will be developed. Pseudocapacitive materials hold great promise to provide high energy-storing capacity with ultra-high power outputs and long-term cycling stability.


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Condensed matter

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