Development of neutral radical-based molecular imaging agents

Molecular imaging aims to use non-invasive techniques to probe and visualize molecules in the body, which can be used to measure biochemical processes and disease progression. While these can be endogenous molecules, it is common to use exogenous and synthetic agents. One particularly interesting class of exogenous agents are polymer imaging agents, as they have high chemical functionality and can be designed to optimize their biological properties.

This is an interdisciplinary project, with opportunities in small molecule synthesis and characterization, polymer synthesis and characterization, material science, biomedical science and pre-clinical science. The interdisciplinary nature of the project allows for the focus to be tailored by the candidate, to craft a unique PhD experience for themselves.

The project is supported by collaborations with experts in material science, pre-clinical science and medical imaging.


Soft matter

Materials characterisation

PhD student

External Collaborator

  • Professor Kristofer Thurecht – The University of Queensland