Advanced Materials for High performance perovskite monolithic photocapacitors

Study level

Master of Philosophy


We are looking for highly motivated PhD/Masters candidates to join our dynamic research team at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) to carry out cutting-edge research on advanced materials for high-performance perovskite solar cells, energy storage devices and integrated devices.

Research Activities

Successful candidates will work with leading researchers led by Professor Hongxia Wang to design, synthesise and characterise materials with tailored properties for energy conversion (solar cells) and energy storage devices and their integrated systems.
The candidates have the opportunity to access the advanced spectroscopic and microscopic facility for materials characterisation at QUT, including but not limited to, SEM, in situ TEM, FTIR, Raman, SIMS, DSC, XRD, FIB, XPS/UPS etc.
You will also have the opportunity to access equipment for materials manufacturing such as sputter coating, E-Beam evaporator, CVD, spin coater, 3D printing etc.


You will develop new skills in:
The project aims to develop high-performance monolithic perovskite photocapacitors. To achieve this, experimental research involving design of materials for perovskite solar cells and supercapacitors as well as the integrated devices, device design, characterisation of materials and devices will be carried out. Expected outcomes include deep fundamental understanding of the underlying mechanism that governs material properties and device performance.

Skills and experience

Ideal candidates should have background in chemistry, material science or physics. Research experience in perovskite solar cells or energy storage material synthesis/characterisation, device fabrication are desirable.
We courage candidates who are already in Australia, and are interested in R&D of energy materials and devices and meet the entry requirements for QUTs PhD program to apply for these positions.