Professor Ziqi Sun

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Senior Research Fellow, Professor

Role in the centre

Ziqi Sun is currently a Professor and leading a research group in the School of Chemistry and Physics. As a Chief Investigator of the Centre for Materials Science, Ziqi and his team dedicate to develop smart multifunctional metal oxide nanomaterials by learning from nature for applications in sustainable energy and environmental technologies, including next-generation energy conversion and storage devices, green fuel generations, and sustainable environmental remediations.

Short biography

Ziqi Sun received his PhD degree from the Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2009. After one-year experience as a NIMS Postdoctoral Fellow (Japan) on solid oxide fuel cells, he joined the University of Wollongong (UOW), Australia in 2010 as an ARC APD Fellow and then UOW VC Fellow. He joined Queensland University of Technology (QUT) as a Senior Lecturer in 2015. His research at QUT has been supported by an ARC DECRA Fellowship (2015) and an ARC Future Fellowship (2018) as well as 2 ARC DP projects (2016 and 2020). Ziqi is the Editor-in-Chief of Sustainable Materials and Technologies (CiteScore = 8.31, SCIE indexed, Elsevier), Principal Editor of Journal of Materials Research (MRS), Associate Editor of Surface Innovations (ICE), Editorial Board Member of Scientific Reports (Nature Group), Journal of Materials Science and Technology (Elsevier), Rare Metals (Springer) and Nano Materials Science (Elsevier).

Selected Publications

“In situ interface engineering for probing the limit of quantum dot photovoltaic devices” Dong, H.#; Xu, F.#; Sun, Z.Q.#; Wu, X.; Zhang, Q.; Zhai, Y.; Tan, X.; He, L.; Xu, T.; Zhang, Z.; Duan, X.; Sun, L. Nat. Nanotechnol. 2019, 14, 950-956. (#Equal contribution)

“Bioinspired 2D nanomaterials for sustainable applications” Zhang, Y.; Mei, J.; Yan, C.; Liao, T.; Bell, J.; Sun, Z.Q. Adv. Mater. 2020, 32 1902806.

“Cobalt oxide-based nanoarchitectures for electrochemical energy applications” Mei, J.; Liao, T.; Ayoko, G.A.; Bell, J.; Sun, Z.Q. Prog. Mater. Sci. 2019, 103, 596-677.

“Two-dimensional metal oxide nanomaterials for next-generation rechargeable batteries” Mei, J.; Liao, T.; Kou, L.; Sun, Z.Q. Adv. Mater. 2017, 29, 1700176.

“Generalized self-assembly of scalable two-dimensional transition metal oxide nanosheets” Sun, Z.Q.; Liao, T.; Hwang, S.M.; Park, M.S.; Jiang, L.; Kim, J.H.; Dou, S.X. Nat. Commun. 2014, 5 3813.