Dr Wayde Martens

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Role in the Centre

Wayde is an analytical/industrial chemist who focuses on the synthesis and analysis of inorganic materials, clays, and minerals. These inorganic materials typically find applications as catalysis, photocatalysis, battery materials and sorbents. Wayde has expertise in a variety of analysis techniques such as vibrational spectroscopy, atomic spectroscopy, electron microscopy, surface analysis, FIA/SIA/SFA, chemometrics and machine learning. Currently Wayde finds his expertise utilised in many commercial projects designing and building bespoke analysis systems for use in the production of HPA, membrane systems and water purification systems.

Short Biography

Since obtaining his PhD in 2004, Dr Martens has attracted more than $5M of research grants and has collaborated with researchers from many research institutions from around the world. He is a well-recognised researcher in his field which is attested by the international attention attracted to his publications (7810 cites, Scopus). This standing as a world class scientist is exemplified by his h-index of 45 (Scopus).

Selected Publications

“Synthesis and characterization of Cobalt hydroxide, cobalt oxyhydroxide, and cobalt oxide nanodiscs” Yang, J.; Liu, H.; Martens, W.N.; Frost, R.L. 2010, J. Phys. Chem. C 2010, 114(1), 111.

“Enrichment, distribution and sources of heavy metals in the sediments of Deception Bay, Queensland, Australia” Brady, J.P.; Ayoko, G.A.; Martens, W.N.; Goonetilleke, A. Marine Pollution Bulletin 2014, 81(1), 248.

“Guanidinium thiocyanate selective Ostwald ripening induced large grain for high performance perovskite solar cells”, Pham, N.D.; Tiong, V.T.; Yao, D.; Martens, W.; Guerrero, A.; Bisquert, J.; Wang, H. Nano Energy 2017, 41, 476.

“Experimental and numerical investigation of the toughening mechanisms in bioinspired composites prepared by freeze casting”, Liu, J.; Bai, R.; Lei, Z.; Xu, C.; Ye, Q.; Martens, W.; Yarlagadda, P.K.; Yan, C. Compos. Sci. Technol. 2019, 182, 107768.

“Degradation of azo dye Orange II under dark ambient conditions by calcium strontium copper perovskite”, Chen, H.; Motuzas, J.; Martens, W.; Diniz da Costa, J.C.; Appl. Catal. B 2018, 221, 691.