Dr Sarah Costanzo

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Role in the Centre

Sarah Ede is the Centre for Materials Science Centre Manager. Sarah oversees all Centre operations including budget management, HR, HDR student support, recruitment, policy and governance guidance, travel arrangements, engagement strategies, events, website presence and communications. Sarah is also the seminar convenor for the Centre and for the School of Chemistry and Physics which presents the joint seminar series Molecular, Physical and Materials Science seminar series, as well as continues to research thermal, UV and microbial polymer degradation mechanisms with her internal and external collaborators.

Short Biography

Sarah completed her PhD in 2008 at the Queensland University of Technology combining her background training in analytical chemistry and microbiology to develop and characterise novel TiO2 photocatalysts for water treatment applications. She then went on to a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow position in 2009 funded by industry to further develop and scale up novel photoreactors for water purification. Sarah then moved into several consulting roles spanning cathodic protection, polymer cladding and cost-economic analyses, where she developed practical project management skills and expertise, and worked as an editor and proofreader. Throughout 2018-2020, Sarah was a Post-doctoral Research Fellow supervised by Prof. Steven Bottle examining the weathering and degradation mechanisms of polymer-dispersed liquid crystal devices for use as smart windows, as well as continuing to perform additional consulting and teaching roles. In 2019, she was nominated for an Athena Swan group award with Prof. John McMurtrie and Prof. Leonie Barner for their efforts to improve parenting facilities across QUT; and nominated for the QUT Vice Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in recognition for her outstanding contributions to student learning and research due to her ongoing commitment to enhanced student learning experiences in her practical laboratory teaching. Sarah is also a Chartered Chemist with the Royal Australian Chemical Society and member of the Australasian Association of Research Management.