Professor Mahen Mahendran

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Role in the Centre

Mahen’s role in the Centre is to work with material scientists to advance the field of material characterisation of existing and new building materials and to develop new building materials with enhanced fire resistance characteristics.

Short Biography

Professor Mahen Mahendran is a senior professor in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the leader of the Wind and Fire Lab at QUT. He has more than 35 years of experience in teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate students. More than 50 HDR students including 39 PhD students have completed their research under his principal supervision. He works closely with the building industry and is involved in many research projects with them, focusing on wind and fire-resistant building construction. His research includes investigations of building materials, steel building components and building systems subject to wind and fire actions. Such investigations have included in-depth material characterisation studies of existing and new materials, performance of building components under extreme fire and wind actions using both full-scale experimental and advanced computer modelling. Through these investigations over many years, he has contributed to the knowledge of ambient and elevated temperature material characteristics of a range of building materials including steel, board and insulation materials, buckling and collapse behaviour of unprotected and protected cold-formed light steel building components and systems under extreme fire and wind actions, development of robust design models and design of disaster resilient steel buildings. He has authored 230 research journal articles and has received many industry and government grants valued at more than $5M. Prof Mahendran is a Fellow of Engineers Australia.

Selected Publications

“Mechanical Properties of Cold-formed Steels at Elevated Temperatures” Kankanamge, N.D.; Mahendran, M. Thin-Walled Structures 2011, 49(1), 26-44.

“Elevated Temperature Thermal Properties of Light Steel Frame System Components” Steau, E.; Mahendran, M. J. Build. Eng. 2020, 28, 101074.

“Sub-zero Temperature Mechanical Properties of Cold-rolled Steel Sheets” Rokilan, M.; Mahendran, M. Thin-Walled Structures 2020, 154, 106842.

“Finite Element Modelling of Load Bearing Cold-formed Steel Wall Systems under Fire Conditions” Gunalan, S.; Mahendran, M. Eng. Struct. 2013, 56, 1007-1027.

“Full-scale Tests of Aluminium Mullion Couples in Unitized Facades under Wind Actions” Sivaprakasam, T.S.; Sivakumar, K.; Mahendran, M.; Stringfellow, J.; Baleshan, B. Eng. Struct. 2020, 215, 110653.