Dr Mahboobeh Shahbazi

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Representative, Early Career Researchers

Role in the Centre

Mahboobeh’s research career has centred on developing new and efficient methods to synthesise a variety of functional materials including superconducting, superparamagnetic, topological insulators, borides and solar cells. She is passionate about understanding the fundamental relationships between material structure, physical and electronic properties of materials and, accordingly, improving their performance in practical applications. Within QUT’s Centre for Materials Science, Mahboobeh’s research focuses on advanced fabrication and characterisation methods. These include developing novel high-temperature superconducting materials which are necessary for commercial and environmental advances in the transport, medical and energy industries. Mahboobeh has accumulated a wealth of scientific and practical experience synthesising and characterising new superconducting materials, including single crystals and polycrystals, and fabricating superconducting devices and components. She has a deep understanding of measurement and characterisation of superconducting properties using PPMS for VSM, Angular dependence of magnetoresistance and transport properties measurement at low temperature and high magnetic field.

Short Biography

Mahboobeh received her PhD from the University of Wollongong, Australia, in 2014 with a major in materials science. After graduating, she joined QUT where she followed her research studies on a variety of topics including solar cells, iron-based superconductors and borides. Mahboobeh currently holds an Advance Queensland Fellowship in partnership with Siemens. In addition, Mahboobeh collaborates effectively with Australian and overseas superconductivity experts and is a co-investigator with her collaborative network at The University of Queensland investigating Nanostructure engineered low activation superconductors for fusion energy. Both projects focus on developing and characterising superconducting components including iron chalcogenides and MgB2 wires/cables for application in superconducting motors/generators and fusion reactors. She has published 25 research papers in international peer-reviewed journals of high standing, with most of them focusing on synthesis, characterisation and the fundamental understanding of superconducting materials and their performance.

Selected Publications

“Stoichiometry of tetragonal and hexagonal FexSe: phase relations” Shahbazi, M.; Cathey, H.; Mackinnon, I. D. R.; Supercond. Sci. Technol. 2020, 33(7), 075003.

“Synthesis of Magnesium Nickel Boride Aggregates via Borohydride Autogenous Pressure”  Shahbazi, M.; Cathey, H.; Mackinnon, I. D. R. Materials 2018, 11(4), 480.

“Low temperature decomposition of metal borohydride drives autogenous synthesis of MgB2” Mackinnon, I. D. R.; Shahbazi, M.; Alarco, J.; Talbot, P. Supercond. Sci. Technol. 2017, 30, 055004.

“Progress in research on the stability of organometal perovskite solar cells” Shahbazi, M.; Wang, H. Sol. Energy 2016, 123, 74–87.

“Flux pinning mechanism in BaFe1.9Ni0.1As2 single crystals: Evidence for fluctuation in mean free path induced pinning” Shahbazi, M.; Wang, X. L.; Choi, K. Y.; Dou, S. X. Appl. Phys. Lett. 2013, 103, 032605.