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Role in the Centre

Llew Rintoul works collaboratively with other materials scientists within the Centre for Materials Science using his vibrational spectroscopic expertise to further our understanding of various materials, while simultaneously advancing the art of vibrational spectroscopy and its application. Vibrational spectroscopy encompasses a suite of important tools for the characterisation, identification and investigation of chemicals, minerals and materials. One such tool, Raman microscopy, is non-destructive and simple to implement, and forms an essential component of many areas of materials research, such as the study of carbon in all its allotropes including graphene and other layered materials, to name just a few. Llew has a particular interest in the chemical mapping of 2D surfaces as an adjunct to other imaging techniques for chemical identification and to highlight sample heterogeneity, crystal domain size and other interpretable characteristics.

Short Biography

Llew completed his PhD on Brillouin spectroscopy of aqueous ionic solutions at The University of Queensland in 1987. After two years with a start-up company exploring potential commercial applications of Raman and IR spectroscopy, he took up a post-doctoral fellowship in 1989 at Queens University, Kingston Ontario with Gus Shurvell, at the time one of the leading exponents of vibrational spectroscopy. Back in Australia, Llew worked with the Safety in Mines and Research Station (SIMTARS) investigating methods to detect hydrogen and other dangerous mine gases using Raman and fibre optic technologies. In 1994, he joined the Vibrational Spectroscopy Facility at QUT, led by Peter Fredericks, and soon became the lab supervisor. In the ensuing years, Llew’s expertise in IR and Raman spectroscopy have been highly sought-after both within QUT and from further afield. These collaborations and his own research across a range of topics in spectroscopy have led to over 115 peer-reviewed papers in leading international journals with many having significant impact. His current position is as Research Infrastructure Specialist, Vibrational Spectroscopy, within CARF (the Central Analytical Research Facility).

Selected References

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