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Role in the Centre

Prof. Ostrikov’s key contributions to the Centre can be categorized in five major areas. His work follows a unique approach from the development of fundamental concepts all the way to practical applications in different fields:
⦁ Applications of his original “plasma nanoscience” conceptual framework of low-temperature plasmas as a versatile tool for nanotechnology and materials research an development;
⦁ Novel approaches to plasma-specific fundamental interactions and catalytic processes;
⦁ Advanced functional nano-materials enabled by plasma-specific effects;
⦁ Reforming of organic matter into functional nano-carbon materials for specific applications; and
⦁ Applications of the arising materials, processes and devices in diverse fields ranging from energy materials to biomedicine.
These contributions help solve important cross-disciplinary problems across the physical, chemical, biological and engineering sciences and lead to diverse applications spanning from advanced functional materials for energy, sensing, catalysis, water purification, to plasma treatment of biomass and biological objects for sustainable manufacturing, biotechnology, health care, hygiene and biomedicine.

Short biography

Prof. Ostrikov has gained worldwide recognition across the fields of plasma science, nanoscience, materials science, and related areas of plasma applications. He is an acknowledged pioneer and leader in the rapidly emerging applied research area of Plasma Nanoscience and has been fundamental to the development of the field’s large international collaborative research community.

Prof. Ostrikov’s fundamental insights into using plasmas to structure nanoscale matter have been applied to the development of new advanced functional materials, devices and processes, which have applications in diverse research and technological fields. His approaches for control of energy and matter at nanoscales have been translated into a range of thermal, chemical, radiation and other processes. Their likely applications span the materials, energy, health and other fields, potentially leading to energy-efficient, green technologies for a sustainable future. Of special mention are recent physical insights into plasma and plasma-made nanostructure-enabled conversion of energy and matter leading to solar-thermal water purification and microbial sterilization and other applications, discovery of ion-enabled atomic bond manipulation that turn brittle ceramic materials superplastic, and mechanisms for the open-air plasma activation of fragile molecular matter to perform as a stable catalyst for hydrogen production under industry-relevant conditions.

Prof. Ostrikov’s prolific publications in top journals across about 10 discipline areas have attracted ~33,000 citations (Google Scholar, GS) and H-index of 84 (GS). He was recently elected as an Academician (Foreign Member) of the very prestigious Academia Europaea (The Academy of Europe) and European Academy of Sciences which collectively include more than 115 Nobel Laureate members. His preeminent international standing and impact beyond his primary field are further evidenced by the recent Humboldt Prize/Award (2021-2026) and over 150 plenary, keynote and other invited talks, multiple prestigious awards, honours, fellowships and professorial appointments in several countries.

Selected Publications

“Colloquium: Reactive plasma as a versatile nanofabrication tool” Ostrikov, K. Rev. Mod. Phys. 2005, 77, 489-511.

“Plasma break-down and re-build: same functional vertical graphenes from diverse natural precursors” Seo, D.H.; Rider, A.E.; Kumar, S.; Han, Z.J.; Ostrikov, K. Adv. Mater. 2013, 25, 5638-5642.

“Plasma nanoscience: from nano-solids in plasmas to nano-plasmas in solids” Ostrikov, K.; Neyts, E.C.; Meyyappan, M. Adv. Phys. 2013, 62(2), 113-224.

“Anti-fouling graphene-based membranes for effective water desalination” Seo, D.; Pineda, S.; Woo, Y.C.; Xie, M.; Murdock, A.T; Ang, E.Y.M.; Jiao, U.; Jun Park, M.; Lim, S.I.; Lawn, M.; Borghi, F.F.; Jun Han, Z.; Fray, S.; Millar, G.; Du, A.; Shon, H.K.; Ng, T.Y.; Ostrikov K. Nat. Commun. 2018, 9, 683.

“Scalable production of integrated graphene nanoarchitectures for ultrafast solar-thermal energy conversion and vapor generation.” Wu, S.; Xiong, G.; Yang, H.; Tian, Y.; Gong, B.; Wan, H.; Wang, Y.; Fisher, T.S.; Yan, J.; Cen, K.; Bo, Z.; Ostrikov K. Matter 2019, 1(4), 1017-1032.

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