Dr Katrina Wruck

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Industrial Chemist

Expertise areas:  Materials Science, Industrial Chemistry

I am interested in the degradation and remediation of PFAS (per-fluoroalkyl substances) from contaminated water using energy efficient electro-chemistry technology. The process is being developed for treatment of melt water at an Australian Antarctic base, and could be used for other remote or off-the-grid locations.

It is important because current methods of PFAS degradation are energy intensive and expensive, yet PFAS are all around us and have been shown to cause a host of diseases including cancer in humans. PFAS are found in many household items like dental floss, microwave popcorn bags and frozen food, but end up in municipal water systems, the environment and the organisms that live there.

My work aims to benefit everyone, by providing a low cost green chemistry solution to the PFAS contamination problem.