Dr Joshua Holloway

Research Fellow

Role in the Centre

Research Fellow in the Soft Matter Materials Laboratory – main research area is the synthesis of sequence-defined polymers for plastic waste tracing.

Short Biography

Dr Holloway completed his undergraduate studies in chemistry (MChem) at the University of Reading, United Kingdom in 2015. He then moved to Ghent University, Belgium to undertake his PhD, which was funded by the European Union’s Marie Skłodowska-Curie programme and was carried out under the supervision of Professor Filip Du Prez. Here he worked on the synthesis of sequence-defined polymers and their potential use in chemical encryption.

Following completion of his PhD in 2019, he took up a postdoctoral researcher position at Ghent University, to work on the further development of Covalent Adaptable Networks and Vitrimers, which was also in collaboration with industry partners.

In 2021, Dr Holloway moved to the Queensland University of Technology as a Research Fellow, joining the Soft Mater Materials Laboratory, headed by Professor Christopher Barner-Kowollik. Here he works on a range of projects, including the synthesis of sequence-defined polymers for plastic waste tracing.

Selected Publications

“From sequence‐defined macromolecules to macromolecular pin codes”, Holloway, J. O., Van Lijsebetten, F., Badi, N., Houck, H. A., & Du Prez, F. E. Advanced Science, 20207(8), 1903698.

“Internal catalysis for dynamic covalent chemistry applications and polymer science.” Van Lijsebetten, Filip, Joshua O. Holloway, Johan M. Winne, and Filip E. Du Prez. Chemical Society Reviews, 2020, 49.23, 8425-8438.

“Double neighbouring group participation for ultrafast exchange in phthalate monoester networks”, Delahaye, M., Tanini, F., Holloway, J. O., Winne, J. M., & Du Prez, F. E., Polymer Chemistry, 202011(32), 5207-5215.

“Direct comparison of solution and solid phase synthesis of sequence-defined macromolecules”, J. O. Holloway, K. S. Wetzelm S. Martens, M. A. R. Meier and F. E. Du Prez, Polym. Chem. 2019, 10, 3859-3867.

Click and Click‐Inspired Chemistry for the Design of Sequence‐Controlled Polymers”, S. Martens, J. O. Holloway and F. E. Du Prez, Marcomol. Rapid. Commun., 2017, 38, 1700469