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Principal Research Fellow

Role in the centre

Dr. Josh Lipton-Duffin is a career surface scientist, having pioneered research into on-surface reactions to create epitaxially confined arrays of organic polymers. His research focus lies in the structure-function relationships in materials, studying the behaviour of organic molecules on surfaces using a wide array of surface analysis tools, including scanning tunnelling microscopy, photoelectron spectroscopy and synchrotron science. As a theme co-leader for Materials Characterisation, he has a strong passion for providing Centre members with the best experience in measurement techniques; to push their apparatus to its limits; and to empower members with new techniques, measurement methods and updated methodologies for advancing their research. As a staff member of the Central Analytical Research Facility, Josh has a unique perspective in both the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of materials research, and plays a critical role in ensuring that the Centre’s best interests are represented in the direction and operations of the Facility.

Short Biography

Josh obtained his PhD from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario Canada in 2006, with a project focused on the construction of an inverse photoelectron spectrometer. He moved to the Université du Québec’s Institut National de Recherche Scientifique (INRS) near Montréal to pursue a Postdoctoral Fellowship focusing on scanning probe research on organic materials on metal surfaces, and subsequently to Trieste Italy, to develop instruments for the Elettra Synchrotron in conjunction with the SuperESCA photoemission beamline. After his work in Italy he returned to Montreal to manage the surface analysis group, mentoring several students and postdocs through their research and early careers. In 2015, he joined QUT as the Senior Research Officer for Surface Science in the newly minted Central Analytical Research Facility. Since joining QUT, he has commissioned nearly $1.5M of new capital infrastructure, and seeded the development of CARF’s Nanoscale Imaging Lab, an advanced facility housing the most cutting edge microscopes in the University, and indeed the state.

Selected Publications

“Mechanistic picture and kinetic analysis of surface-confined Ullmann polymerization” Di Giovannantonio, M; Tomellini, M.; Lipton-Duffin, J.; Galeotti, G.; Ebrahimi, M.; Cossaro, A.; Verdini, A.; Kharche, N.; Meunier, V.; Vasseur, G.; Fagot-Revurat, Y.; Perepichka, D.F.; Rosei, F.; Contini, G. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2017, 138(51) 16696-16702.

“Insight into organometallic intermediate and its evolution to covalent bonding in surface-confined Ullmann polymerization” Di Giovannantonio, M; El Garah, M.; Lipton-Duffin, J.; Meunier, V.; Cardenas, L.; Fagot Revurat, Y.; Cossaro, A.; Verdini, A.; Perepichka, D.F.; Rosei, F.; Contini, G. ACS Nano 2013, 7 (9), 8190-8198.

“Unprecedented transformation of tetrathienoanthracene into pentacene on Ni (111)” Dinca, L.E.; Fu, C.; MacLeod, J.M.; Lipton-Duffin, J.; Brusso, J.L; Szakacs, C.E.; Ma, D.; Perepichka, D.F.; Rosei, F. ACS Nano 2013, 7(2), 1652-1657.

“Quasi one-dimensional band dispersion and surface metallization in long-range ordered polymeric wires” Vasseur, G.; Fagot-Revurat, Y.; Sicot, M.: Kierren, B.; Moreau, L.; Malterre, D.; Cardenas, L.; Galeotti, G.; Lipton-Duffin, J.; Rosei, F.; Di Giovannantonio, M.; Contini, G.; Le Fevre, P.; Bertran, F.; Liang, L.; Meunier, V.; Perepichka, D.F. Nature Commun. 2016, 7(1), 1-9.

“Step-by-step growth of epitaxially aligned polythiophene by surface-confined reaction” Lipton-Duffin, J.; Miwa, J.A.; Kondratenko, M.; Cicoira, F.; Sumpter, B.G.; Meunier, V.; Perepichka, D.F.; Rosei, F. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2010, 107(25), 11200-11204.