Professor Godwin Ayoko

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Role in the Centre

Godwin Ayoko has a strong background in chemistry and interests in the synthesis, fabrication and characterisation of tailor-made nanoscale and clay-containing materials for various applications. Over the past decade, his research has explored the applications of such materials in environmental remediation, environmental monitoring, energy storage, photocatalysis and spectro-electrochemical sensing of biomolecules.

Short Biography

Godwin Ayoko is a Professor of Chemistry and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and Royal Australian Chemical Institute. He completed his DPhil at the University of Sussex, UK, and had teaching, research, and visiting/honorary roles at Ahmadu Bello University; University of Papua New Guinea Papua; University of Sussex; University of Queensland; Queensland University of University; University of Tasmania; Clarkson University and Universidad de Concepcion. Throughout his career, he maintained a keen interest in research and research training. He has supervised/co-supervised over 50 postgraduate students to completion, and published 3 authored books, 7 book chapters, and over 250 journal articles. He has also attracted competitive research grants from various schemes, including ARC Discovery, ARC Linkage, ARC LIEF and Department of Defence’s Next Generation Technologies. He received a Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) Queensland Branch citation award in 2010 and the RACI Environmental Chemistry Medal in 2014 in recognition of his professional contributions and achievements in research. His leadership and administrative roles at QUT have included Head of the School of Physical and Chemical Sciences (Acting) from 2006 to 2009, Head of Chemistry Discipline (2010-2011), Discipline Leader of Nanotechnology and Molecular Science (2012-2017) and Discipline Leader of Environmental Technologies (2018-2019).

Selected Publications

“Cobalt oxide-based nanoarchitectures for electrochemical energy applications” Mei J.; Liao T.; Ayoko G.A.; Bell J.; Sun Z. Progress in Material Science 2019, 103, 596-677.

“Plasmonic switching of the reaction pathway: Visible-light irradiation varies the reactant concentration at solid-solution interface of gold-cobalt catalyst” Peiris E.; Sarina S.; Waclawik E.R.; Ayoko G.A.; Han P.; Jia J.; Zhu H.Y. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2019, 58, 12032-12036.

“Fabrication of nanostructured SERS substrates on conductive solid platforms for environmental application” Sarfo D.K.; Izake E.L.; O’Mullane A.P.; Ayoko G.A. Crit Rev Env Sci Tec 2019, 49,1294-1329.

“Spectroelectrochemical nanosensor for the determination of cystatin C in human blood” Hassanain W.A.; Izake E.L.; Ayoko G.A. Analytical Chemistry 2018, 90, 10843-1050.

“Clay-supported nanoscale zero-valent iron composite materials for the remediation of contaminated aqueous solutions: A Review” Ezzatahmadi N.; Ayoko G.A.; Millar G.J.; Speight R.; Yan C.; Li J.; Li S.; Xi Y. Chemical Engineering Journal 2017, 312, 336-350.