Dr Craig Cowled

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Role in the Centre

Craig works with sustainable building materials such as timber and biocomposites. As a structural engineer, Craig works closely with industry to develop cost effective and sustainable structural materials. His role at QUT’s Centre for Materials Science is to study the load and time dependent structural performance characteristics of biocomposites and engineered wood products. Craig is driven by a desire to see the principles of sustainability embedded in and embodied by the built environment.

Short Biography

Craig has more than two decades experience in the construction industry, having worked in manufacturing (timber frame and truss design), building (construction management), design (structural engineering) and academia (engineering education and research). Having completed a PhD on structural health monitoring of bridges in 2017, Craig was delighted to return to working with timber where his career began. He is currently working on an Advance Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research Fellowship with industry partner Engineered Wood Products Association Australasia which is focused on developing high-capacity lateral restraint systems for mid-rise timber-framed buildings. Through his engagement with industry, Craig has secured more than $350k in research funding for several projects. Craig has written numerous industry reports, presented at industry and academic conferences and has recently submitted his first academic paper on timber engineering.

Selected Publications

“Influence of Loading Protocol on the Structural Performance of Timber-Framed Shear Walls” Cowled, C.J.L.; Crews, K.; Gover, D. Constr. Build. Mater. 2020, (Under Review).

“Results of Timber-Framed Shear Wall Tests” Cowled, C.J.L.; Crews, K.; Gover, D. in Proceedings of Australasian Structural Engineering Conference (ASEC 2020) 2020.

“Shear Wall Testing using 5mm Particleboard as the Bracing Material” Cowled, C.J.L.; Crews, K. Queensland University of Technology: Brisbane, QLD 2020, (Report to BORG Manufacturing).

“Australia Needs to Adopt a Standard Test Method for Determining Timber-Framed Shear Wall Capacity” Cowled, C.J.L.; Crews, K.; Gover, D. in 5th Pacific Timber Engineering Conference (PTEC 2019) 2019.

“On the Influence of Structural Complexity on the Global Vibration Characteristics of Steel Truss Bridges” Cowled, C.J.L. Queensland University of Technology: Brisbane, QLD 2017, (PhD Thesis).