Professor Cheng Yan

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Computational, Prediction and Modelling co-theme leader

Role in the Centre

As a Material Scientist, Cheng Yan’s research focus is on synthesis and characterization of advanced materials, including composites, energy storage materials, and biomaterials. The structure-property relationship in these materials are investigated using advanced modeling and experimental investigations. Within QUT’s Centre for Materials Science, Cheng is the co-theme leader of the Computational, Prediction and Modelling theme, and contributes to research programs that develop novel composites through interface engineering for applications as functional materials such as electrodes in Li-ion batteries, strain sensors and structural materials with high strength and low weight. With broad international collaborations, Cheng is also passionate about understanding the deformation and failure of materials and structures at different material length scales.

Short Biography

Cheng Yan received his PhD from the University of Sydney in 1998 and continued his research career at the same university, under the support of two competitive ARC fellowships (Australian Postdoctoral Fellow and Australian Research Fellow). He commenced a Senior Lecturer position at QUT in 2006. Cheng has generated over 15 book/book chapters, more than 240 international journal papers and received A$8 million research funds, including 16 Australian Research Council (ARC) grants. Under the support of ARC LIEF, Cheng has established the nano mechanics research lab at QUT. He was granted the inaugural Queensland International Fellowship and the Nanotechnology category winner. He has been a committee member of the Australia Fracture Group and Australian Technology Network. He holds the position of associate editor or board member of four international journals.

Selected Publications

“Unveiling the working mechanism of graphene bubble film/silicon composite anodes in Li-ion batteries: from experiment to modelling” Wasalathilake, K.C.; Hapuarachchi, S.; Zhao, Y.B.; Fernando, J.; Chen, H.; Nerkar, J.; Golberg, D.; Zhang, S.Q.; Yan, C. ACS Appl. Energy Mater. 2020, 3, 521-531.

“Development of cross-linked dextrin as aqueous binders for silicon-based anodes” Chen, S.; Ling, H.Y.; Chen, H.; Zhang, S.Q.; Du, A.J.; Yan, C. Journal of Power Sources 2020, 450, 227671.

“Experimental and numerical investigation of the toughening mechanisms in bioinspired composites prepared by freeze casting” Liu, J.Y.; Bai, R.X.; Lei, Z.K.; Xu, C.; Ye, Q.S.; Martens, W.; Yarlagadda, P.; Yan, C. Composites Science and Technology 2019, 182, 107768.

“Effects of heteroatom doping on the performance of graphene in sodium-ion batteries: a density functional theory investigation” Wasalathilake, K.C.; Ayoko, G.A.; Yan, C. Carbon 2018, 140, 276-285.

“Investigation of mechanical behaviour of amorphous aluminium nitride’ Zhao, Y.B.; Peng, X.H.; Fu, T.; Huang, C.; Xiang, H.G.; Hu, N.; Yan, C. Materialia, 2018, 2, 148-156.