Dr Bharati Gupta

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Role in the Centre

Bharati Gupta works as a research fellow with Prof. Jose Alarco. Her work is guided by her supervisor. She characterises Li-Ion battery materials using various characterisation techniques. In parallel she is working on commercial projects. A major focus of these projects is to increase the safety features of Li-ion batteries by providing a ceramic coating on the separator. She is passionate about surface science techniques. She has been a part of Synchrotron investigations of different materials with Prof. Jose Alarco.

Short Biography

Dr Bharati Gupta is a material and surface scientist with a background in physics. She has experience with material synthesis and characterisation using a variety of techniques. Bharati obtained her undergraduate and master degree in physics from Fakir Mohan University, Balasore, Orissa, India. She was awarded her PhD degree from Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia in 2015. The topic was “Epitaxial growth of graphene on 3C SiC by Si sublimation in Ultra High Vacuum” for which Bharati received an Outstanding Thesis Award. Since her PhD, she is working at QUT with several different groups. From December 2018 onwards, she is a Research Fellow with Prof. Jose Alarco on Li-ion batteries. Prior to this, Bharati was working part time as a research assistant with Prof. Nunzio Motta from 2014 to 2018 performing supercapacitor and UHV studies of graphene materials. Between 2014-2015, she was a XPS lab assistant with IFE, QUT.

Selected Publications

“Graphene-based supercapacitor electrodes: addressing challenges in mechanisms and materials” Horn, M.; Gupta, B.; MacLeod, J.; Liu, J.; Motta, N. Curr. Opin. Green Sustain. Chem. 2019, 13, 42-48. (IF:1.4; Cites:12).

“On-silicon Supercapacitor with enhanced storage performance” Ahmed, M.; Wang, B.; Gupta, B.; Boeckl, J.J.; Motta, N.; Iacopi, F. J. Electrochem. Soc. 2017, 164(4), A638-A644. (IF:3.662; Cites:10).

“Time evolution of graphene growth on SiC as a function of annealing temperature” Zarotti, F.; Gupta, B.; Iacopi, F.; Sgarlata, A.; Tomellini, M.; Motta, N. Carbon 2016, 98, 307-312. (IF: 7.082; Cites:23).

“Evolution of epitaxial graphene layers on 3C SiC/Si(111) as a function of annealing temperature in UHV” Gupta, B.; Notarianni, M.; Mishra, N.; Shafiei, M.; Iacopi, F.; Motta, N. Carbon 2014, 68, 563-572. (IF: 7.082; Cites: 62).

“Influence of biodiesel fuel composition on the morphology and microstructure of particles emitted from diesel engines”, Savic, N.; Rahman, M.M.; Miljevic, B.; Saathoff, H.; Naumann, K.H.; Leisner, T.; Riches, J.; Gupta, B.; Motta, N. Carbon 2016, 104, 179-189 (IF: 7.082; Cites:42).